Antiquing for a New Generation: The Timeless Allure of Old Money Style

Jun 12, 2024


The resurgence of Old Money style is more than a fleeting trend; it's a revival of timeless elegance, sophistication, and opulence. This style, characterized by its refined taste and luxurious elements, is making a grand comeback in modern interiors. Whether you're a luxury enthusiast, an antique dealer, an antique collector, or someone looking to infuse timeless charm into your home, the Old Money style offers a wealth of inspiration. In this guide, we'll explore the allure of Old Money style and how you can incorporate it into your living space.


What is Old Money Style?

Old Money style is a design aesthetic that draws inspiration from the lifestyles of wealthy individuals from old money families. These families have a long history of wealth and are known for their refined taste, impeccable manners, and extravagant homes. Old Money style is all about understated luxury – classic pieces, quality materials, and timeless elegance.


To successfully achieve the Old Money look in your home, there are certain key elements that you should focus on:

  • Quality over quantity: Old Money style is all about investing in high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. This means choosing well-crafted furniture, luxurious fabrics, and elegant decor.
  • Classic design: Stick to traditional and timeless designs for furniture and decor. Avoid trends or anything too modern.
  • Rich colors: The color palette of Old Money style is typically rich and warm, with deep shades of burgundy, navy, emerald green, brown and gold.
  • Luxurious materials: To add a touch of luxury, Old Money-style interiors commonly use materials like velvet, silk, leather, and marble.


Key Elements of Old Money Style

Elegant Furnishings

Picture this: gilded mirrors and Victorian sofas bringing elegance to your living room. These aren't just pieces of furniture; they're statements of sophistication with a rich history. Each item has a story, adding depth and character to your home. When hunting for furnishings, prioritize quality and craftsmanship. Seek out antique or vintage pieces that have stood the test of time.

Timeless Accessories

Old Money style incorporates a variety of accessories to add layers of depth and interest. These can include crystal chandeliers, ornate picture frames, and intricate rugs. The key is choosing items with a history or story behind them. They add a layer of glamour and intricacy that elevates any room, ornate antique accessories are the jewels of Old Money style.

Rich Textiles

Think velvet upholstery and rich draperies. These textiles bring warmth and luxury, transforming a simple room into an opulent haven. Persian rugs and leather club chairs are perfect examples of how textiles can define the aesthetic.

Timeless Antiques

Louis XV furniture and marble fireplaces are staples of this style. These timeless antiques are decorative and functional art pieces that age gracefully.

Vintage & Oil Paintings

Old Money style isn't complete without vintage items and oil paintings. These elements evoke a sense of history and culture, making your home a curated gallery of elegance.


Modernizing with Timeless Elegance

The New Generation's Take on Antiquing

While the Old Money style is deeply rooted in history, it’s finding new life among Gen Z and modern interior designers. The key to this modern revival lies in blending timeless pieces with contemporary elements.

How to Achieve This Look

  • Start with a Statement Piece: A gilded mirror or a quality Chesterfield sofa can set the tone for the entire room.
  • Mix and Match: Combining antique brass decor, such as a bouillotte lamp or a bronze ormolu clock, with an antique bookcase filled with old books creates a sophisticated, timeless vignette that radiates charm and elegance.
  • Layer Textiles: Use rich textiles like velvet upholstery and Persian rugs to add depth and warmth.
  • Curate Thoughtfully: Choose items that speak to you and fit seamlessly into your existing decor. A marble fireplace can be the centerpiece around which other elements revolve.
  • Incorporate Art: Invest in vintage oil paintings to give your space a cultured and refined feel.



Old Money Style in Vintage Fashion and Jewelry

The Old Money style isn't just making waves in home decor—it's also having a major moment in the world of vintage clothing and jewelry. This look is all about timeless elegance, featuring high-quality fabrics, tailored silhouettes, and classic pieces that never go out of fashion. Think tweed blazers, silk scarves, pearl necklaces, and well-crafted leather shoes. Vintage clothing shops can benefit from this trend by curating collections highlighting these sophisticated, enduring styles. It's a great way for fashion lovers to embrace a sense of heritage and luxury without chasing fleeting trends.


When it comes to vintage jewelry, the Old Money aesthetic emphasizes understated opulence. Pieces like diamond stud earrings, gold cufflinks, and intricate brooches add a touch of refinement to any outfit. Antique jewelers can capitalize on this by offering carefully selected, well-preserved items that speak to earlier eras' timeless beauty and craftsmanship. Whether it's a delicate gold bracelet or a statement pearl necklace, these pieces provide a sense of history and sophistication that modern designs often lack. Investing in vintage clothing and jewelry elevates personal style and promotes sustainability, making it a fashionable and responsible choice.


A Golden Opportunity for Antique Dealers

The revival of Old Money decor presents a prime opportunity for antique dealers to spotlight their collections of traditionally termed "brown" furniture, exquisite oil portraits, and elegant barrister bookcases. This trend, characterized by its opulent, nostalgic appeal, resonates with a growing audience seeking timeless elegance and historical charm in their interiors. Dealers can now capitalize on this resurgence by showcasing the rich patina of heirloom-quality wood pieces, the depth and character of classic portraiture, and the sophisticated functionality of vintage bookcases. This movement breathes new life into storied artifacts and connects modern consumers with the enduring allure of bygone eras.


Trending Items in Old Money Style

  • Antique Brass Decor: Adds a touch of historical elegance.
  • Persian Rugs: Timeless and versatile.
  • Velvet Upholstery: Luxurious and inviting.
  • Crystal Chandeliers: Bring a room to life with shimmering light.
  • Leather Club Chair: Perfect for creating a cozy, sophisticated corner.
  • Chesterfield Sofas: Classic and always in style.

Reviving the Old Money style in your home is about more than just adding antique pieces; it's about creating a space that exudes timeless elegance and sophisticated charm. You can transform any space into a luxurious retreat by thoughtfully selecting and curating elements like elegant furnishings, ornate accessories, rich textiles, and antique art.


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